"Death Ship 666 - Face the Past!"
Sketches from the critically acclaimed disaster-movie parody

"Star Wars Disney: Let it flow"
What if Disney remakes Star Wars as a musical? 

"The Fellowship of the Ringwraiths"
For those who have ever wondered why the most terrifying creatures in Middle Earth could be so incompetent...

"The Story of Amenir Menir"
A dark, absurd comedy about a young woman blinded by her drive to succeed. Literally.


"Shoot For The Moon"
(Shut Up Infinity Productions)

A homeless astronaut sets out for the moon armed with nothing more than some bottle rockets and a trolley-load of ambition.

"Skepticism: The New Miracle Life-Cure!"
(Shut Up Infinity Productions)

Parody infomercial promoting an antidote to quack cures and chronic gullibility. Winner of "Best Skeptical film of 2013"

"This Is Not Medicine - Webisode One"
(Hot Moth Productions)

"This Is Not Medicine" is a darkly absurd sketch show. Maniacal GP Ray Carradine guides us through an irreverent dissection of the modern world.

"Sunset Dreams: The Lion King"
(Tremendous Pictures)

An improvised comedy and the story of Ben and Barbara, two naïve but earnest performers at a declining English holiday park.

"The Dangers of Drugs - This is Not Medicine Series"
(Hot Moth Productions)

TV presenter and part time model Rick Rutton investigates the real dangers of Cannabis.

"First Day"
(Left Eye Blind)

A FILM4 Scene Stealer Short. One Day is a film that explores the concept of relationships and time in the beautiful yet tragic story of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew.